Thursday, March 5, 2009


sleep is really important. how come i can't get any sleep? i saw a prize for a Chinese auction, a night out on the town and a hotel room, and babysitting! oh a hotel room! forget about anything romantic. a good nights sleep is something i really want! i feel like i'm walking around in an alternate universe. the sleepless; or the wake up every 2 hours when i am really tired. i walk around with a fuzzy feeling in my head. it takes forever for me to get anything done. i fall asleep when i feed the baby. then i feel slightly better. the problem is that i am wide awake at night. then it starts again; i really need to fall asleep. the baby that usally sleeps a long streatch at night decides to wake up at 3. then at 5, 7.... i can put the baby down for 20 minutes before i have to get up those are the best sleep i get the whole night. too bad i have to get up.

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