Friday, March 27, 2009

i think of things to write when i'm out of the house or trying to fall asleep. how come all the best discussions happen at bad times? dh and i where talking about life. it was really fun. but it happened at 2 am. pesach is closer than i want it to be. we should have been cleaning. no we weren't we were talking. it was great to talk as adults. the subject wasn't kids or the color and exact description of bowel movements. something i never thought that i would describe in such detail. but politics and the world. hey i do have a brain. i am not a shackled women who is enslaved tied down by nursing. (there is an article about this. a little bit pregnant links to it) wait sometimes i do feel tied down. but then i tell dh bye, i have to go do errands. i like to keep up on current events. i read newspapers, nothing else to do on shabbos, when i'm nursing... i read the drudge report, nothing else to do while nursing. i keep up with imamother, facebook, cafemom... nothing else to do while nursing. wait maybe i am shackled!? i have a baby and that is what they do. they need to eat. i know that all too soon he will be a toddler. i have to enjoy this time with him.

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  1. I am happy you have a brain and you dont feel shackled or do you;-)