Monday, December 29, 2008

vacation is over!

vacation is over! what a relief! when i first heard what the vacation days were going to be, i thought maybe we can go away and do something. i looked at hotel rooms. thank g-d our family grew, we now need 2 hotel rooms. so that added to the cost of going away. we also need to rent a minivan. i looked up the prices of snow tubing, and found out that the kids have to be a certain height. oh well my kids are too short. i also have a toddler and a newborn so dh and i would have to take turns watching the kids. i guess we will wait until the kids are older and taller. so we wound up staying home. dh had a doctors app. on Friday so it was a crazy day with all the kids and i had to make shabbos. on Sunday i took dd to chunky cheese ( that's what ds calls it). then today i took ds with me to my app. then we went to chunky cheese. the whole world was there. on sunday there more fathers. and on monday the place was fuller. i had to wait in a million lines, ugh. i am not going back there anytime soon.

Friday, December 26, 2008

erev shabbos

it is erev shabbos. i need to cook and clean the house and put laundry away. dh is at the doctors. he probably will want to go to sleep since he works nights. nothing is done. shabbos is going to be gefilte fish and cold cuts. i still have a cold, i am so congested. i want to go to sleep. i mentioned to a friend that so far the baby sleeps pretty well. ha i should have never said that, the past few days all he wants to do is be held or nursed. thank g-d i co sleep so i slept for a little. i need a good nights sleep! its also vacation from school. y watched speed racer so he didn't make any trouble. d played with noisy toys and bugged y. m was napping for a while. now he is up and the playroom is trashed. fun!

Thursday, December 25, 2008


with life you have to get used to change. as soon as you get used to something, the situation changes. i was single, then i got married. i had to get used to living with a man who was different than me. he had different ideas on how to do things. then we were expecting. i went to work. i had a baby etc.... my husband went to school as soon as i got used to his schedule, it was another semester. i got used to one baby then i was expecting, i got used to two babies, i went to work. then another pregnancy, another baby. i don't remember how i managed in the past, with only 2 kids. why am i overwhelmed? i was already in this situation. i have to figure out a way to make this work.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


An acquaintance that i know just got divorced. she is around my age and has a dd around the same age as my dd. she also married a guy who had a different back round. i looked at my dh even though he drives me crazy sometimes, thank g-d for him. i really lucked out. its also good to know that its my friends 6th anniversary! mazel tov! wow time went by so fast! the bad news that really bothers me is that some one that i know of her baby passed away in a freak accident, i don't have any words to say, i hugged my baby, and said thank g-d he is here.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

mazel tov

mazel tov to me!

wow i actually did it! i started a blog.