Wednesday, April 29, 2009

precious moments

precious moments, what else can i call it? my baby is asleep on me now. i can't get anything done. i need to put the laundry away, make the beds, cook supper, clean the house...... i look at pictures of my oldest who is 5! wow time flew by so fast, where did my baby go? who is this kid? how do i know you? i look at my daughter, where is my baby? your going to be 4 in the summer? i miss my baby girl. well baby not the colic and the screaming and tantrums. i like who she is now. there is a light at the end of the tunnel of difficult babies and toddlers. - i hope that she will be an easy teenager, please G-d!-

i was in survival mode let us end the day in one piece! every moment felt like eternity, and also flashed by. i'm glad that i can redo it all again. i am trying to be in the moment, to realize that time can go by so fast. even though it feels like its really hard now. i will miss it. i will have many years where i will be able to get everything done, to have a perfect house with cooked suppers everynight. but this moment i will not be able to get back again. sooner than i think my baby will be a grown up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

5, almost

WOW y is 5! the time flew! i remember when he was supposed to come. he took his time. a day before i was going to be induced he started to make his way out. it took a pretty long time for it to be over. i saw his blond hair and blue eyes, i thought that there was a mistake. me, have a child with blond hair and blue eyes? weird. well i got to know y. he looks like me. well the male version of me. time really went by fast. h used to be a blob that cried and wanted to eat. now he is a person who cries and wants to eat. he also can say what is on his mind. happy birthday y!