Monday, January 26, 2009


i had 3 kids at home. d was sick. i decided that it was a good time to organize the pictures. i needed to make m an album, the other 2 had albums of their baby pictures and he was jealous. he is 18 months old. oh well, at least i finally put it together. i was looking at the pictures, wow time really flew. y was m's age and d was c's age. the oldest were 18 months and a newborn. they were so cute! the second set look exactly like the older ones. light, dark, light, dark. ( i could put c in a nice pink outfit.) when i look back at those times. it was a haze of sleepless nights and making it through the day, phew another day is over, another day a week a month a year. who are these kids? where are my babies? i have a one year old and a 2 year old. with c i am not looking forward waiting when will he get older. i am trying to enjoy every moment of babyhood. i am half asleep most of the time. thank g-d i have a camera, b/c children grow overnight. i can't pick y anymore. he weighs a ton. ok 50 pounds or so. wow he is going to be 5!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


How come my life is one big cycle? beginning of the week. Monday is the best. kids go to school, freedom! Tuesday mommy and me and shopping, the baby is really good k'h! he is on a good schedule. Tuesday night i might or might not have a good nights sleep. Wednesday i have big plans of what I'm going to accomplish, yea right! - yesterday was pretty good though!- thursday i want to get a lot done, but its kvetchy day, the baby wants to eat every 2 hours... fun. friday the only way i can get things done is b/c of dh! he holds and feeds the baby. shabbos its not too bad i read and sleep when i'm with the baby. y is at shul, before you know it the day is over. sunday, maybe we will go somewhere or maybe not, hopefully 2 kids will be out of the house for a while!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


time, i have too much time on my hands. 3 more hours until bedtime, that is way too long. what!? it is 7:00 already time to go to bed. ok so i have the whole night to do things, nothing is on so i should be able to clean. i'm too tired to move, i'll watch anything. the baby wants to be held. it is 11:00. time for law and order. lets see how much i can get done in an hour. alright an hour and a half. sex and the city is on. i better go to bed. i hope c will sleep at night. 4:00 feeding - 6:00 feeding- 7:30 feeding. i drift off into a very deep sleep. i hear cyber chase and m crying. i better get up and everyone out of the house. rushing around, commanding, put on your pants! put on your shirt! socks! shoes! while getting d dressed. down and out the door. phew! silence! mommy i want bati. whahhh c starts to cry. coffee then a full day ahead. i hope i can get something done.