Thursday, January 22, 2009


How come my life is one big cycle? beginning of the week. Monday is the best. kids go to school, freedom! Tuesday mommy and me and shopping, the baby is really good k'h! he is on a good schedule. Tuesday night i might or might not have a good nights sleep. Wednesday i have big plans of what I'm going to accomplish, yea right! - yesterday was pretty good though!- thursday i want to get a lot done, but its kvetchy day, the baby wants to eat every 2 hours... fun. friday the only way i can get things done is b/c of dh! he holds and feeds the baby. shabbos its not too bad i read and sleep when i'm with the baby. y is at shul, before you know it the day is over. sunday, maybe we will go somewhere or maybe not, hopefully 2 kids will be out of the house for a while!


  1. life is great, isn't it.
    Btw, if you want want comments, get rid of word verification.

  2. I know what you mean!for me the weeks get mixed up because of the routine, I also feel like the days and the weeks go by very fast sometimes!