Monday, January 26, 2009


i had 3 kids at home. d was sick. i decided that it was a good time to organize the pictures. i needed to make m an album, the other 2 had albums of their baby pictures and he was jealous. he is 18 months old. oh well, at least i finally put it together. i was looking at the pictures, wow time really flew. y was m's age and d was c's age. the oldest were 18 months and a newborn. they were so cute! the second set look exactly like the older ones. light, dark, light, dark. ( i could put c in a nice pink outfit.) when i look back at those times. it was a haze of sleepless nights and making it through the day, phew another day is over, another day a week a month a year. who are these kids? where are my babies? i have a one year old and a 2 year old. with c i am not looking forward waiting when will he get older. i am trying to enjoy every moment of babyhood. i am half asleep most of the time. thank g-d i have a camera, b/c children grow overnight. i can't pick y anymore. he weighs a ton. ok 50 pounds or so. wow he is going to be 5!

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