Thursday, February 5, 2009


i had some time on my hands, m was put down for a nap. c needed to eat. i decided to nurse him in bed. he ate and fell asleep. i was free! i could clean the house, or go food shopping for shabbos. i was really tired. i had zero energy. i let the waves of sleep take over. as i was falling asleep i thought; i am doing nothing, i am not getting anything accomplished. but wait i am! i am too tired to function. i need to rest. i am not going to be tired when i wake up. i will not snap at anyone from lack of patience because i am over tired. i am doing the right thing by doing nothing.

i had a nice 2 hour nap, and i started to cook for shabbos thursday night.

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  1. definitely I fell asleep friday before I had done any cooking when Mendele was asleep and I was putting Eidele to bed, it was nice!