Friday, February 27, 2009


ikea, what a place! dh and i furnished our house from ikea. we spent 3 days there getting what we needed. we were newly weds, we were testing our relationship. how were we going to deal with disagreements? how were we going to deal with differences in opinions. i started to shed my quiet persona. oops i think dh got a shock. i had a lot to say. we had a good time in ikea. a lot of memories, we ran out of gas, the gauge was running low. there weren't any signs showing us how to get off the highway and drove around in circles. we had to call for help. they took forever to come. basically we had a very "nice" honeymoon. we had to stay in a motel over shabbos. fun! we went to ikea moztei shabbos. we got everything we needed.
it lasted pretty well. after 6 years we broke 3 chairs. the cheaper ones are better quality. i do want to get a new dresser. we also need a new couch cover.
we went to ikea on sunday. we took 4 kids on public transportation. that wasn't a big deal. we always go by subway because we don't have a car. the problem was that there was a bus shuttle instead of the subway train. we had to take a stroller that folded easily. so we took a single. i wore c the whole time. we had to get everyone down the stairs after the shuttle to the train. then find the ikea bus stop. get on the bus.... we waited in line to put our dc in the play area. they were there for a half on hour. we took that time to see what we needed to buy and were we had to pick it up. picked up the kids walked and walked through the market place. we got our items. of course everything was mixed up and it was hard for dh to find the right matresses. we waited in line for about an hour the kids were pretty good. we were trying to keep them from going nuts. it was quite hectic! then we had to wait inline to get everything delivered home. it was at least a half an hour over there. this time was really crazy. the kids were running around..... and kvechting. it was fun! i kept on saying dh help me watch the kids. he was but he also had to shlep the heavy things... and the kids were bouncing off the walls. we finally got out of there we took the bus. we decided to take a bus home instead of the subway. that would save us 2 steps. it would take us directly to the front of our house. we just a little problem, we had to find where the bus stop was. we asked a bus driver he told us where he thought it was. thankfully it was right. it was getting very cold out. we made to the bus and we got home. i got a gift card for 25$ because i got a certain set of matresses. i guess dh will go by himself or take y again. i could also give it away as a present.

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