Friday, February 20, 2009


ahhh! so many things i need to buy. purim is almost here. i have to buy mm for teachers, that means 6 teachers and 3 therapists. fun. pesach is around the corner. i have to buy matza etc..... my father is coming to visit this week he has a car i want to go to costco, but i don't have the money to go there. i don't want to borrow because its always easier to borrow than to pay back. something always comes up. household expenses are always around, food, diapers, laundry..... there is always something to buy. food prices went up. we have more people to feed ky'h! save and pinch every penny. that is the only way out of this. i can do it but it is hard. i hate juggling all the bills. figuring out what i'm going to pay when. it feels good to pay things off right away. there its done. no more. phew. i hate owing money.

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