Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 plus years later

wow time flew by since i last posted. today i am having my son's upshernish. wow my baby is 3! my oldest is 7 going on 8 and i have another baby, almost a year old. it is funny how life changes or stays the same, i am in the same place right now. but not exactly, i worked, had busing for my kids, didn't have busing, i picked up and dropped off. was in the house almost the whole week, now i'm mostly out of the house. kids changed schools. my life wasn't exactly how i planned it to be. i guess i am forging my own way in the world, its funny how you think that your life will be a certain way, buy my 10 year anniversary i would have a stable parnossah and buy a house etc.. um no. that my children's schools would be xyz. that they would start in kindergarten and go all the way up. no. i had to change one of my kids schools. my other child is a special ed school. i do see that everything is for the best.