Friday, December 26, 2008

erev shabbos

it is erev shabbos. i need to cook and clean the house and put laundry away. dh is at the doctors. he probably will want to go to sleep since he works nights. nothing is done. shabbos is going to be gefilte fish and cold cuts. i still have a cold, i am so congested. i want to go to sleep. i mentioned to a friend that so far the baby sleeps pretty well. ha i should have never said that, the past few days all he wants to do is be held or nursed. thank g-d i co sleep so i slept for a little. i need a good nights sleep! its also vacation from school. y watched speed racer so he didn't make any trouble. d played with noisy toys and bugged y. m was napping for a while. now he is up and the playroom is trashed. fun!


  1. I hope you had a nice shabbos and got ready on time