Monday, December 29, 2008

vacation is over!

vacation is over! what a relief! when i first heard what the vacation days were going to be, i thought maybe we can go away and do something. i looked at hotel rooms. thank g-d our family grew, we now need 2 hotel rooms. so that added to the cost of going away. we also need to rent a minivan. i looked up the prices of snow tubing, and found out that the kids have to be a certain height. oh well my kids are too short. i also have a toddler and a newborn so dh and i would have to take turns watching the kids. i guess we will wait until the kids are older and taller. so we wound up staying home. dh had a doctors app. on Friday so it was a crazy day with all the kids and i had to make shabbos. on Sunday i took dd to chunky cheese ( that's what ds calls it). then today i took ds with me to my app. then we went to chunky cheese. the whole world was there. on sunday there more fathers. and on monday the place was fuller. i had to wait in a million lines, ugh. i am not going back there anytime soon.

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