Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sleep part 2

i should have asked for moshiach! i got what i wanted i got sleep. i also got a fever and a sore throat. i was in bed as soon as my dh came home. i slept from 1-6 i was up for a bit and then went back to sleep. i slept the whole night. then next day i still was feverish. i had an upset stomach, fun. atleast is wasn't anything else. my other flu is 3 months old. i guess this time it really was the flu, or something else that really wasn't all that fun. it was nice sleeping the whole day and night and part of the next day and knowing that tatty is with the kids. thank g-d he let me sleep. i was annoyed that it had to happen the sunday before purim. i wanted to make hamentashen with the kids. tannis esther i didn't have to fast because i was nursing. thank g-d i started to feel better in the afternoon i made mishalach manos with them. they were very helpful, after wwe got over the fact that we are not eatin the nash we are giving it to our friends. they got to taste the granola bars and apples and of course the candy. even m my 21 month old helped me! i actually have all the mishaloch manos ready to go. usually i am doing them and dh is waiting to go deliver them. a freliechen purim!

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  1. I hope you slept well and that you will feel better soon and you can sleep without being ill.