Wednesday, May 20, 2009


freedom, well sort of. this past sunday dh and i decided to split up. i took the 2 oldest kids to the Manhattan children's museum and dh took the baby and toddler to a wine and cheese tasting.
it was nice to leave the house without a stroller, not to worry about taking a bus; i have to fold my stroller and make sure that my baby can stand up, not walk away, make it up the stairs, get everything on the bus without harming any bystanders and pay, and not lose the metro card. so with 2 big kids its a mechaya! i just have to hold their hands! thank g-d dh is very into the kids being able to walk. if you are over 3 you have to learn how to walk. and no stroller if you are older.
my kids loved the subway, that was one of the highlights of the trip! we made it to the museum they had a great time. we were closer to another subway stop so we went the other direction. i saw a gymboree! i saw something online that i wanted to get. there was a sale going on. 30% off it was only online or if you printed out a coupon. since i joined the *printer of the month club. i didn't have a printer i went in the store to check it out. there was a video in the back. y was really happy! i was happy that my kids could sit down and be occupied and not whine about life. the store was happy, i would be spending money there now that i could shop in peace and quiet! i got 3 matching vests and a shirt and tights! score everything turned out to be the original price of one vest! i love shopping! dd fell asleep in the store i had to hold her while i paid. she woke up afterward.
we got some hair things for dd! yay! she lets me put things in her hair now! she doesn't scream like i'm trying to find out where the wmds are. i could work for gitmo according to her. wow me singing and brushing her hair it could make a 3 year old lose it. with a little patience -3 years- she now lets me make her into a pretty princes, and not look like a ragamuffin. we had a great time in the store. y enjoyed picking things out for his sister. lol! he has good taste.
we walked 10 blocks to another subway stop. the kids liked walking, i enjoyed walking down the uws. i finally go to the stage that i could leave the house and go where i want! ok so maybe not exactly what i want. but close enough!
dh took the other 2 to a wine and cheese tasting. he got to taste a lot of nice wine, and the 2 year old enjoyed the cheese and crackers.

* we bought a printer y broke it after a week or so. we bought another printer, it lasted a day. he went to zeide, he almost broke that printer. so i call it printer of the month club


  1. ok when you wrote splittign up, I was like what??? and then I read on, I am happy you all enjoyed, to bad you didnt get to have the wine, I bet you'd be very relaxed lol

  2. whoops i didn't mean it that way, its ok about the wine. i don't like fancy wine