Sunday, June 14, 2009

i did it!

i don't know why i have such a fear of taking everyone out at the same time. i did it when there was only 3 now instead of 1 kid in the stroller i have 2. i walked almost every day. i went to Manhattan- ok i had to dh needed something so i was forced to go. no not that way. i was given the push that i needed to attempt to get out of the house. no - mental push. lol! i have a mental block thinking that it will be hard or that i don't have the energy to go somewhere. but i know that i am capable of doing it. i always walk home. ok so i cheat and take a taxi when i could have walked. but then i justify it if i walked it would take 30 minutes and then everything would be over. taking a taxi only takes 5 minutes.

the kids thought that there was school today so y picked out his clothes and got dressed. d also wanted to get dressed. it made my life easier i only had 2 left to get dressed. my plan was to go get ice cream and buy a birthday present for an upershernish that we are iy'h going to go to tomorrow. y said can we to the museum? hm. let me think about that why not? i was thinking about trying it. i took the kids to the park and shopping on the avenue. why don't we try it? the kids walked really nicely over there, no complaining or kvechting.

they said there would be kosher food in the cafeteria. last time i went they did have food. i brought along some cookies and crakers. oops they didn't have anything substantial to eat. i bought them chips and a banana and pepsi. they were really happy with that.

everything started out ok. they listened to me. stay as a group no running off.... we went around the exihbits. i really should take my 2 yearold during the week. he would love it! my baby got kvechty he wanted to sleep. i had to run after d. she did not want to listen, then y started to not listen so well. i tried to stick it out but then i decided that the museum was closing soon. i might as well go home. they had to learn how to listen. they walked home. i told them that if we walked home nicely they would get a treat. nicely means holding on to the stroller, no complaining, no dawdling. they all got a treat.

we did it!

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  1. wow, thats really great! for what its worth I would also be a bit (or a lot) overwhelmed by the thought of taking out 4 kids. It sounds like you had fun. (very funny btw)