Sunday, May 3, 2009


music can be a wonderful thing it can enhance your life. or it can ruin you day. right now it is sefira where i can't listen to music, b/c we are mourning the 24,000 students of rabbi akiva who passed away b/c of lack of ahavas yisroel. so no life music or anything with instruments. i listen to acapella music. it sounds really good i'm enjoying the music too much! it sounds so good. shouldn't sefira be hard? that we should remember what happened? but music makes such a difference it puts cranky kids into to a better mood- also a cranky mommy!-

music can ruin your day or night if its not your own. my neighbors put on the most annoying music, sreachy country music whenever i want to take a nap. last night someone decided that 1-5 am was a really good time for a loud party. ahhh! i went to bed early thinking that i will get a good nights sleep. yeah right. i thought about calling 311 but i couldn't tell where the music was coming from. i was tempted to get dressed and go through the building to see where it came from, but then i realised that i share a courtyard with another building. thank g-d i fell asleep, and i slept in!

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