Wednesday, August 5, 2009

shop the shchuna


when the store opened i thought that it would close a year later, remember the kiddi store on albany where mimulo was?

but they lasted longer than that. i wish them well.

i try to shop the shchuna but its hard to when everything is really expensive. i wish they had a boytique for girls. fyi the price on french toast shirts is cheaper than the french toast website. i needed shirts for ds. so i checked around the web and tried boytique.

bh there are people in ch who can pay for kidi couture and i'm glad that the stores on ch have the uniforms so they are guaranteed business but i wish that there was a cheaper option. that is why i shop mall stores
for me gap is on the expensive side. but its a lot cheaper than sonia rykial! or other designer brand. i'm not paying 30$ for a white shirt. i shop the childrens place monster sales! an outfit for a 1! ok it was a baby girls out fit that i found in the outlet store.

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