Wednesday, July 1, 2009


this word gets me really upset. i am a religious jew. my kids need to go to a religious school. i do not need the fast track to Harvard. i do not need fancy labs or sports complexes. i need a basic education for my children. i looked at the cost of sending my children to school. wow! omg how can anyone afford this? 8,000. that is only for one child. i have more than one k'h. that is the price for pre 1 a- kindergarten- to 5th grade i think that is what it is. i saw advertisements for high school. wow my eyeballs almost popped out 18,000 that is for one child. b'h i have more than one.... how does anyone manage to pay for it? they say that will give a discount 14,000. wow thank you so much! now i can send my child to school. yeah right. the price was based on what it cost to operate the school assuming that the teachers will get really good living wage salaries. i can speak form both sides. a teacher has to be able to get paid. it isn't fair that there are teachers who aren't paid on time. this can go on for months. how will they take care of their families? what about the parents who are working really hard but are not making enough money? 8,000* 4= 32,000. that is a lot of money its not including food shelter clothing etc... 14,000 * 4 = 72,000.
the tuition committees say take out loans, put it on the credit card, sacrifice, sacrifice... what should we scrimp on? food, lights ? ok so maybe there are some people who don't really need the help but there are a lot of people that do. isn't a jewish education important? what if you cannot afford it? public school isn't an option. home school might not work. it depends on the family. what should you do. what bugs me is that there are all of these ads help send a child to school. let them have a jewish education. what about a child already in the community that can't afford to go to school?


  1. the reality is that the teachers and rebbeim are in the same boat as the parents of their students, and they need to make a decent living, too. So tuitions can't be too low, or teachers/rebbeim would quit. We all struggle with tuition bills, but sometimes, (I am not getting personal here) we "fagin" the income of rebbeim and teachers. and if there are parents who are scholarship families, or just can't pay full, should the rebbi of those children not get his paycheck? this is a problem

  2. These two boys came up with something smart;